Tpinoe Follower Give-Away

This give-away is just to thank all of my followers! You all mean so much to me and just want to give you something to show you that. 

What Do You Win?

- The winner of the contest gets a USWNT 2014 Kit. They will have a choice of either the White Home Kit or the Red Away Kit.
- Also, you get your choice of what you’d like printed on your jersey. You can either have it blank or you can get it customized with any name and number combination you’d like.

How Do You Enter?

- Entering is really simple! You have to be following my blog.
- And you have to leave a note on this post (either give it a like or reblog). You can do this as many times as you want and the more times you leave a note, the better chance you have of winning!

The contest starts 9/20/14 and will end on 12/10/14 (just in time for a Christmas present!).

I truly want to thank you all for the support on this blog. I never wanted or desired to have a following that I do now. I didn’t know what the heck tumblr even was when I started and never imagined having all the support I do. You guys are the best and have changed my life forever.

If you have any questions ever, just send me an ask. Good luck to everyone!

"We held possession I think in the second half a little bit better. I think in the first half our possession was lower on the field which I don’t play lower so I don’t like that (smirks) and I want it to be a little bit higher and I think the times we did get in there, did get in that space between their backline and mid-field we’re very dangerous going forward. The weapons we have I think that all across the front line through the mid-field anybody can get a goal at any time and you saw that with the people that scored today. It’s always good to have something riding on these games and going into qualifying knowing that next summer is our ultimate goal but we have to get there first. So everybody’s pumped about that.”

- Megan Rapinoe | Post-Game Reaction on 4-0 vs. MEXWNT | 9/18/2014