Can anyone tell me what they heck the difference is in a “ladies cut” jersey versus a male one? I want to get Megan’s Olympique Lyonnais jersey at some point and it only comes in “ladies cut”. Is it possible if I got one that I could wear it or is it gonna be weird on a guy, cut for a girl? Ladies, can you help me out?!?!

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  3. anothercasualty answered: its gonna be weird for a guy…
  4. natatat-tat answered: yeah its gonna be weird. It will hug you around your hips and be tight around the arms.
  5. frenchieuk said: When you see Renard or Thomis (they don’t really have any boobs!) wearing the shirt they look fine.
  6. frenchieuk answered: Adding to the size different, you gonna have the different sponsor on the front.
  7. dtfine answered: Women’s cut shirts are usually bigger in the waist and the sleeves are tighter and sometimes shorter. Also, they have more chest room.
  8. ashleyjeanct answered: might be a little weird. it is not going to be as long, more fitted int he wait area and looser in the chest area.
  9. womenseurofootball answered: Men’s shirt:…
  10. sweetlyforeve-r said: Ladies cut isn’t as wide and the shoulders are smaller
  11. verrazano answered: torso is shorter and it’s tighter at the sleeves and shoulders and waist, pretty much
  12. gkswagfordays answered: Ladies cut is usually more tapered on the waist. If u’re slender it doesn’t look too weird as design of OL jerz is similar for mens & womens
  13. amygsun answered: you do not want a ladies cut if you are a dude or a chick that dresses like a dude. they prob are shorter and tighter in the waist.
  14. looktheresme said: Women’s cut is usually wider in the stomach area, and the arms are also a tad bit tighter as well.
  15. tobintakethewheel answered: probs a little wider in the chest/hips and slimmer around the waist, sleeves will be cut tighter/shorter. that’s usually how it works.
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