USA vs. FRANCE (Group G)

WHEN: Live! Wednesday July 25, 2012 - 11AM CT/ Noon ET/ 9AM PT - Coverage starts half hour before.

TO WATCH: NBC Sports Network - input zip code here to check your local channel lineup. Or watch online via NBC’s website - here.

You probably need to validate your cable provider credentials to watch online, so have your cable provider username and password handy. Illegal streams will probably pop up for those of you without NBC’s cable channels — tsk tsk.

Replay will be on NBC Sports Network at 5PM CT/ 6PM ET.

TO DOWNLOAD: I am sure people will be posting a recording of the livestream afterward. Whoever does it, USWNTVideos will surely have a link on her page because she’s rad. I will get an HD upload up on my page (HD meaning super crisp-looking but super-massive file size) but there will be a significant delay because I’m, like, pretty busy and stuff and it’ll be a huge effing file.

SAVE THE DATE, BITCHES: I am only posting this information now so people will stop asking. Seriously, if you go to NBC’s Olympics website it will tell you when every single event is airing and how to watch. Validate your info and get your livestream set up now - don’t wait! Plan your excuses from work to watch the games now. Every single game is already in my google calendar, people, and I got my live stream set up last week! Plan your life around USWNT games - it’s only right.

P.S. I made these gifs quickly because this info felt bare without them. Give a girl link credit if you use them (even though she’s a girl who is too lazy to watermark her shit).

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