Anonymous asked:

What's topszn

I knew I’d get asked this lolol

The TopSZN Regime, simply put, is a celebration of victory. Mad famous by Johnny “Football” Manziel during his time at Texas A&M while winning the Heisman trophy. Anytime you see Johnny score, you see him do the money sign, givin’ them a little seasoning with the money sign lolol Johnny and rapper Drake are close friends and have made doing it popular.

Grand scheme of things, it’s nothing. Nothing but a hand gesture athletes have started doing for celebrations. TopSZN is just the celebration of excellence with Drake, Johnny and the entire OVO crew. 

I just want to say thank you and hello(!) to all my new followers. Game-days seem to always bring new eyes! Really means a lot to me for your support of this blog. Surpassed another milestone on my way to a huge milestone not all that far away. Be thinking of some kind of prize/contest/give-away I could do for you guys to show my love for y’all! Hit me up if you have an ideas.

To the best followers ever!

- Tyler